Bonus Programs

As one of the premier online entertainment platforms in Indonesia, Naga Poker makes it a priority to treat its players well. Apart from the Referral Program, Naga Poker has a variety of generous Bonus Programs for all of its loyal members!

Take a look at just some of the Bonus Programs that Naga Poker has to offer for you:

Domino Qiu Kick Lucky Card

Naga Poker rewards its players every time they get specific card combinations while playing Domino Qiu Kick!

Players who receive any one of the four card combinations will automatically be rewarded with 5 times the minimum Blind Value of their table! Here are the card combinations eligible for the bonus:

1st combination:

Domino Qiu Kick Lucky Card 1st combination

2nd combination:

Domino Qiu Kick Lucky Card 2st combination

3rd combination:

Domino Qiu Kick Lucky Card 3st combination

4th combination:

Domino Qiu Kick Lucky Card 4st combination

So for example, if your hand is the 3rd combination and the minimum Blind Value at your table is 5,000RP, then you automatically win 25,000RP on top of any winnings you have from that round! The only other requirement to win the Bonus is that at least two players have reached the end of the match so that you can reveal the value of your cards.

It’s all in the luck of the draw when aiming for the Domino Qiu Kick bonus rewards!

    Free Lucky Spin

For players who are active, Naga Poker offers the opportunity to win cash money every day! All you need to do is play actively on either the desktop or mobile platforms to get a chance at a Lucky Spin for FREE!

You can obtain a specific number of coupons for the Lucky Spin depending on your turnover:

  • 500,001RP – 5,500,000RP = 1 coupon
  • 5,500,001RP – 15,500,000RP = 2 coupons
  • 15,500,001RP – 60,500,000RP = 4 coupons
  • 60,500,001 or more = 6 coupons

Each Lucky Spin could win you cash prizes! All winnings will be credited to your Naga Poker account within 30 minutes of receiving the prize.

Keep playing on Naga Poker every day for more chances to win cash!

Special Mystery Box

One of the latest promos that Naga Poker has to offer its players is the Special Mystery Box every weekend! Like many of its Bonus Programs, this one is absolutely FREE! All you need to qualify for this promo is to reach a certain turnover that is determined every day.

Active and loyal players can participate in this FREE bonus program by playing in Naga Poker from Friday to Thursday, as well as having coupons from the free Lucky Spins bonus mentioned previously on Saturday to Friday.

Players who achieve this will then have access to the Mystery Box mini-game. Choose one of the Mystery Boxes and win the prize!

So make sure you play every day of the week! Not only will you get coupons for a Lucy Spin each day, but you’ll get to open the Special Mystery Boxes on the weekends, too!

Bonus Points Rewards

Yet another FREE Bonus Program for all loyal Naga Poker players is the Bonus Points Rewards System. Naga Poker shows their appreciation for their players’ loyalty by rewarding Bonus Points every time they play on desktop or mobile.

Players can then use these Bonus Points to redeem credit or deposit vouchers as well as other rewards with their partner, Koin88. Just head on over to your profile page to see how many Bonus Points you already have in your account!

Redeem the rewards you want at Koin88 with these 4 easy steps:

  1. Register and activate an account with Koin88.
  2. Head to your Profile Page on Naga Poker.
  3. Connect your Koin88 and Naga Poker accounts by clicking “Activate” on your Naga Poker profile page. This will transfer your Bonus Points to Koin88 so you can use them to redeem prizes!
  4. Repeat each time you want to redeem more!

With Naga Poker’s Bonus Points Rewards System, the more you play, the more points you’ll get!